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Of all of the comments we receive regarding the theater, the most frequent and positive ones are about our employees. We are extremely proud of our staff. Water Gardens is a challenging, fun place to work.

Becoming a member of our team is not easy. A combination of a difficult job market and the theater’s reputation means that we literally receive hundreds of applications per month. Less than 1% of all applicants will be hired. We owe it to our customers and team members to ensure that only the best candidates are offered employment and remain employed.

What we are looking for:

Professional and Friendly: Customers come to our theater to have a good time. Employees are smiling, attentive, friendly and genuinely interested in providing the best customer service experience possible.

Availability: Our employees are ambitious and have a life outside of work. Nevertheless, they regularly make sacrifices in order to work the hours they are asked to work. We work while others play and working at Water Gardens regularly requires working weekends and holidays.

Work Ethic: Our employees are not afraid of hard work. They demonstrate initiative and attention to detail and are constantly seeking ways to improve their performance and the customer experience.

Trainable: Nobody starts a job knowing everything and mistakes are inevitable. Our employees seek ways to improve and take feedback as an opportunity to grow. Positive attitude and a respect for direction are essential.

If you think you have what it takes to work in this challenging, driven, fun environment, here are some tips:

  • Résumé : Bring a résumé with your application. Many applicants are high school students and don’t have a lot of work experience. Nevertheless, if you can’t come up with a page of information that distinguishes yourself from the 100+ other candidates who are applying for the job, getting a job with us will be very difficult.

  • Appearance: You should come dressed ready to work. We have been known to do on-the-spot interviews. Black slacks (not denim), black shoes, and a black or white shirt are appropriate. Hair and other appearance should be professional.

  • Persistence: You may be asked to return regularly to check on available positions. Applicants that demonstrate that they really want this job are much more likely to get it.

  • Initiative: Demonstrate personal initiative. Having your parents or a friend get an application for you or speak on your behalf is a near-certain way to have your application end up in the “round file”. Every candidate is evaluated on their individual merit and any relationship or connection the candidate or their parents have to theater owners or other employees is irrelevant to our hiring process.